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Pics of Paul and us together
Paul is 25 and well cool. We met on Well actually he found me and contacted me through MSN. But still, we met thanks to NetGoth. We started talking on 13th August 2003 and met the next day. We get on so so well, and we agree with the same things and like practically the same things and everything is just like perfect. I love him very very very very very very much, and i'm never ever ever ever going to lose him ^_^ The only problem is he lives like an hour away which is a pain in the î$£. But soon i'll pass my driving test (i hope!) and then i can drive and see him when i like!!

This is the first pic he sent me like about 20 minutes after we started chatting. We met through the netgoth site which i'll put a link for on my links page.

Me + Paul
This was taken on 15th august 2003 in a photo booth thing at the train station before i went home.


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