Toni's 18th birthday/College Party
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My Tattoos

My tattoo gallery.  i've only got four but i love them so much

Number 1: The Pentagram

This was my first tattoo, designed by myself and inked on 24th January 2003, at Venom Tattooist, Stamford, Lincs, Uk

Number Two: Lola the Spider

Second Tattoo, another custom design, inked at Venom on 6th May 2003.

Number 3: Lolas Little Sister

Baby spider and web on my hip, custom design, inked at Venom on 12th July 2003 while accompanying a friend to get her tattoo inked.  I didnt intentionally go with her to get a tattoo, it just sort of, happened.

Number 4: Theban Runes

Custom design, inked at Pure in Kings Lynn, Uk on 18th October.

The Final Tattoo

I am currently working on my final tattoo design (i'm only allowed 5).  It is going to be the American Mcgee's version of Alice.  This is a picture of what the tattoo might look like. (look left)



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